Pod-cast & Track-listing: The Morpheus Soul Show {30th July ’11}



Link after track-listing:



DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Press Play (Back For More)  

Headnodic ft. Destani Wolf & The Jazz Mafia Horns – Truth (Red Line Radio)  

Illvibe Collective ft. Ishe & Dave Ghetto – Can’t Deny (All Together Now)  


Headnodic ft. Othello, Aima The Dreamer & DJ Vajra – The A.M. (Red Line Radio)  

Illvibe Collective ft. Replife & Cecilia Stalin – Heavy Soul (All Together Now)  

Simbad ft. Lyric L – Soul Mate’s Soul [Unreleased Exclusive]  


BackIIBack Artist of the Week…Zo! 



Zo! ft. Phonte & Sy Smith – Black Cow (…Just Visiting Three EP)  

Zo! ft. Eric Roberson & Phonte – Marzipan (…Just Visiting Three EP)  



Headnodic ft. Moe Pope & Benzito The Village President – The Mush (Red Line Radio) 

Grynch – Mister Rogers [Prod By. Jake One 

DOOMSTARKS – Victory Laps [Madvillainz Remix]  

Blu – 4U (Jesus)  



GWN – SummerTime  

Antithesis – A Native Affair (Love Daze) 

Paper Plane Project ft. Rae – Travel (Pacific Connection)


This Weeks Top 5 Countdown


5. Funky DL ft. Dukus Alemay – No Comprendo 

(Blackcurrent Jazz 2)  BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!


4. Deborah Jordan – Slipping Away [Ty Macklin Remix]

(What You See) 3rd week in the charts and stuck at the number four spot.


3. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah ft. STS – Maybe We Can Just

(Back For More)   BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!



2. Median – The Sender [Prod By. 9th Wonder 



1. TiRon & Ayomari – Du Gör Mig Bra  

[Prod By. Jonesin’ For Sum Comfort Food]

(En kärlekshistoria EP  

4th week in the charts and week three at the top spot.


The Connoisseurs Corner



Vicki Anderson – Answer To Mother Popcorn

[Prod By. James Brown] 1969 

Vicki Anderson – I’m Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff

[Prod By. James Brown] 1971


Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa ’70 – Chop ‘n’ Quench (Afrodisiac) 1972  

Tony Allen Plays With Africa ‘70 – Progress 1975  


DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/15417584-a22

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