Pod-cast & Track-listing: The Morpheus Soul Show {3rd Sep ’11}

On this edition of the show we be dropped some incredibly dope music featuring tracks with Skyzoo, Fatima, Jill Scott, Applejac, Elzhi, Mark De Clive Lowe, Phonte, Eric Roberson,  HaLo, 9th Wonder, Charlie Smarts & Pugs Atomz. 

 The Connoisseurs Corner went back to the 70’s with music from West Coast Revival, Chocolate Milk and Malone & Barnes and Spontaneous Simplicity.


Link after track-listing:

Kaidi Tatham – To My Suprise (Kaidi’s 5ive EP)  

Daz-I-Kue ft. Joy Jones – In The Middle (The Goodness EP)  

Colonel Red – The Anomaly (Keep Walkin’)  


Colonel Red – Can We Work It Out (Keep Walkin’)   

FunkinEven & Fatima – Yellow Sound  

Applejac ft. Tonya Dyson – Today (Applejac Presents: Playin’ Favorites)  

Jill Scott – Running Away (The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1)  

Phonte, King Mez & Charlie Smarts – In The 336 [Prod By Wan 

9th Wonder ft. Phonte & Median – Band Practice pt. II [The Wonder Years]  

Phonte ft. Elzhi – Not Here Anymore [Prod By 9th Wonder] (Charity Starts At Home)  

The Black Sunn & 810 ft. King Mez – Props (United Division)  

Median ft. Khrysis – Okie Dokers [Prod By Khrysis] (The Sender) 

Rashad – Pass Me By [Prod By Confidence 

HaLo aka Mr. Ben Ready ft. Skyzoo – Too Strong [Prod By Khrysis] (The Blind Poet)  


This Weeks Top 5 Countdown


5. Mark De Clive Lowe ft. Nia Andrews – Hooligan (Label Love Vol. III)  BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!

4. Eric Roberson ft. Phonte – Picture Perfect (Mister Nice Guy)  

2nd week in the charts and a non-mover.

3. Sum Comfort Food ft. Bobby Blunt – My Life In The Sunshine   

2nd week in the charts and up two places from last weeks number five.

2. Median ft. Phonte, YahZarah & Bahamadia – Special [Prod By Astronote] (The Sender)  

2nd week in the charts and a non-mover.

1. GWN [Group without a Name] – SummerTime  

5th week in the charts and second week at the number one spot.

Smoke DZA – Wonderful World Of The Kushedgod (Rolling Stoned)   

Median ft. Sundown of Actual Proof & King Mez – Fresh Breath

[Prod By 9th wonder] (The Sender)   

DTMD – You (Makin Dollas)  

Pugs Atomz ft. The Gent$ – People In Love (Enjoy!)  

Malone & Barnes & Spontaneous Simplicity – Journey To The Stars (Freedom Serenade) 1977  

West Coast Revival – Feeling Alright (West Coast Revival) 1973  

Chocolate Milk – Crazy About You (Chocolate Milk) 1976

DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/15657336-f81

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