Pod-Cast & Track-listing: The Morpheus Soul Show ft. Julie Dexter {22nd Oct ’11}

It’s that time again as The Morpheus Soul Show rolled out the red carpet to welcome yet another incredible talent live to the Playvybz studio!  

On this edition of the show we played host to the amazing Miss Julie Dexter, a world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation.

Born and raised in Birmingham, England and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, Miss Dexter is a classically trained artist, who composes and arranges her own music. From Jazz to Broken Beat, Soul and beyond, Julie Dexter is one of an elite few whose talent can transcend genres.


Link after track-listing:

SoulParlor ft. Oddisee – Bang Illy [Pure P. Melo Remix] (Evoluzion)  

Lyric L – Amazed (Amazed)  

The Away Team  ft. Phonte – See U Later (Scars & Stripes)  

Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons – Fooled By A Smile [Incognito Remix] (Moon Bossa)  

Julie Dexter – Like Ours (Conscious)  

Rima ft. Julie Dexter – Let It Go (This World)  

Julie Dexter – Ketch A Vibe  (Peace of Mind)

Julie Dexter – This Thing Called Love (New Again)  

Julie Dexter – Small World (Conscious)  

The Soulful Solly Brown & Ten Mill speak with today’s very special guest Julie Dexter Part One

Julie Dexter – Transitions [Prod By. Zo!] 

This Weeks Top 5 Countdown

5. Green Street ft. Fresh Daily & Ken Ross – Cascades

(Endless Summer)  BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!

4. Eric Roberson ft. The OnesYaw & Khari” – Come With Me (Mister Nice Guy)  


3. Colonel Red ft. Ursula Rucker – Gimme Me A Minute (Keep Walkin’)  

2nd week in the chart and up one place from last weeks number four.

2. Vanessa Simon – Another Way [Tall Black Guy Remix]  

2nd week in the chart and up three places from last weeks number five.

1. Lyric L ft. Heidi Vogel – Always Always

[Prod By. Nathan G from Luv Bug recordings] (Amazed)  

3rd week in the chart and week two at the top spot.

The Soulful Solly Brown & Ten Mill speak with today’s very special guest Julie Dexter Part Two

Jazzreloaded ft. Julie Dexter & David Okumu – Jd4u2 (Excursions Compilation) 

Julie Dexter and the one & only Lyrickal get LIVE & most definitely in effect with an incredible Freestyle Jam Session! OFF THE CHAIN!

Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons – Venusian [Aquariana Remix] (Moon Bossa)

Download>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/16016071-88d

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