A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {7th Apr ’12}

Extended Bank Holiday Edition

On this extended edition you’ll hear some fresh joints featuring music with Diamond D, Incognito, Fayth Hope, Omar, Fresh Daily, Act Proof, Tall Black Guy and Mr Brady & Elaquent.


The Connoisseurs Corner has two rarities from Christian Gaubert & Conrad Benjamin plus SO MUCH MORE!!!     

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. DJ Johnny Rebel.


Link after track-listing:


John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band – Hold On Intro [1970 Apple Records] 

Diamond D – Deflate Cha

Actual Proof – Black Boy Radio [Prod By. Semaj] (Black Boy Radio: Extended Airplay)

Clear Soul Forces – Half As Long-Twice As Bright [Prod By. Ilajide] (Detroit Revolution(s)

Quasimoto – Jazz Cats Pt. 1 [Prod By. Madlib] (The Unseen) [2000 Stones Throw Records] 

Tab One of Kooley High – Who’s That? [Prod By. Foolery] (The Tabloids)

Like (Pac Div) ft. Diz Gibran – If That Ain’t Love (Our Old Shit Is Better Than Your New Shit)

Stik Figa – Groundhog Day [Prod By. Leonard DStroy] (Best of Stik Figa)

Pheo – Picky Eaters [Prod By. Tek Nalo G] (They Soulection EP)

Señor Kaos ft. Ozy Reigns & Lyric Jones – New And Improved

[Prod By. Illastrate] (The Kaos Effect)

Fayth Hope – Just Breathe  (Out Of Obscurity, Pt. 1: From The Darkness..)

Incognito ft. Mo Brandis – This Must Be Love (Surreal) 

Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons – Sea And Sky (Moon Bossa)

Dilouya ft. Omar – Over The Sun (Dilouya’s Faithful Circus)

JLaine, TFOX & Wes Felton – Love Is Somethin’ Mo’ (Antithesis)

Zo! ft. Tiffany Paige – Yooou [Prod By. Zo!] (Freelance)

Mr Brady & Elaquent ft. Moka Only – Yo Yo [Prod By. Elaquent] (Sayin Somethin EP)

Johnson&Jonson [Blu + Mainframe] – Been Such A Longtime [Interlude] (Powders & Oils)

Fresh Daily ft. Moruf & Black Spade – Workin It Out [’96 Cipher Style]

[Prod By. Suede Jury] (The Brooklyn Good Guy)

Moka Only & Ayatollah – Afford The Best (Bridges)

Coultrain – Playin’ Catch Up (The Adventures Of Seymour Liberty)

Miles Bonny – Yes I Do [Prod By. A.C. Layne] (Closer Love EP)

Diggs Duke – Something In My Soul (Black Gold)

Mr Brady & Elaquent – Its Yours [Prod By. Elaquent] (Sayin Somethin EP)

Jack Herrera – What U Feel (Retro Futuristo) 1999 

Rocket Juice & The Moon ft. Erykah Badu – Manuela (Rocket Juice & The Moon)

Betty Wright & The Roots – Tonight Again (The Movie)


The Connoisseurs Corner

Christian Gaubert – Sweet Maryline (Last Exit) 1979 RCA Victor Records

Conrad Benjamin – Why Should I Think The Way I Do (Saturn) 1982 Nebula Records

Bonus Tracks


THEESatisfaction – Existinct (awE naturalE)

Maylee Todd – Hieroglyphics [Tall Black Guy Remix]

DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/17339719-dfb

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