A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {26th May ’12}

A Glorious Morpheus Sunshine Soul Show Pod-Cast.

The sun has got it’s hat on in London Town and I’ve just uploaded these Thirty Bangin’ Joints to my mp3 so I can head out and take joy in our random delightful weather.

It’s the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop once again featuring a DOPE selection of tracks with J57, Wes FeltonDe La Soul, Hawthorne HeadhuntersRaashan Ahmad, Slum VillageJohn Robinson, Lynden David HallMiles BonnyMasta Ace Zo!                 

Please Feel Free to Share, Step Inside The Matrix & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings…  

DJ Johnny Rebel.

Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Wes Felton w/ Amy Winehouse – Breathe A Bit [Remix]

(The Angriest Love for Black Becky and Lady Liberty) 2007

The Rebirth – Mark Of His Ways (This Journey In) 2005

4hero – Cosmic Tree (Two Pages) 1998 Talkin’ Loud

Omar – Never Too Late [Long Version] (This Is Not A Love Song) 1997 BMG

Kaidi Tatham – I’m High (In Search Of Hope) 2008

PPP ft. Sa-Ra – Deep Inside [Belle Isle Remix]

S3 (Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra) – Rain

Zo! ft. Nicholas Ryan Gant – Let It Go (…Just Visiting Three)

ScienZe ft. Ayomari – 5 Star Livin’ [Prod By. Lord Quest] (Simply Aesthetic EP)

Kev Brown ft. Grap Luva – Struggla’s Theme (I Do What I Do)

Chuuwee & Sundown of Actual Proof ft. Thee Tom Hardy – Attacking The Clones

(The Millennium Falcon EP. 1)

Vic Spencer x Black Spade ft. Simeon of Primeridian & Sulaiman – 79th Street (Go Louis)

De La Soul – Go Out And Get It (The Impossible Mission)

J57 ft. Von PeaCharlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas & Jefferson Price – Do Earth (The Ports EP)

The Physics – Chalk Up Tomorrow (Love Is A Business)

Raashan Ahmad – No Pain [Prod By. pluck.inn]

Big Remo ft. Rapsody – I’m Back [Prod By. Khrysis] (Sleepwalkers)

Masta Ace ft. Big Daddy Kane MF Doom – Think I Am

P.SO the Earthtone King ft. Homeboy Sandman –

SAND “Clock Cleansers” [Prod By. P. Casso] (Earthtones)

P.SO the Earthtone King & 8th W1 – Dubstep Debauchery (Suicide By Jellyfish)

Wes Felton ft. K’Alyn Raheem DeVaughn – Last Letter Home

(The Angriest Love for Black Becky and Lady Liberty) 2007

Hawthorne Headhunters – Teleport (Myriad Of Now)

PVD & Cymarshall Law – The One (Sounds Like This Bonus Track)

Def Squad – Check N’ Me Out [Prod By. Erick Sermon] (El Niño)

J57 ft. Sene & Homeboy Sandman – Holy Mackerel! (2057 EP)

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie ft. Soia – Stiller See (Wasser EP)

Lynden David Hall – Eventually (In Between Jobs) 2005

Zo! ft. Sy Smith – Driving (…Just Visiting Three)

Slum Village ft. Skyzoo Focus – Church Remix [Prod By. Young RJ]

IG Culture ft. John RobinsonID 4 Windz & Julie Dexter – Truth

([The Many Districts Of] Soulful Shanghai)

DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/17915002-929

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