A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {30th Jun ’12}

Beast After Shave Take OneAction!! “Go Now” Action!!!

“In The Morning I Splash It On & It Makes Me Smeel Mainly!

It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend and it’s time for your weekly dope music fix of the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop  with a supa fresh selection of songs featuring Tall Black Guy, Replife,Diggs Duke, House Shoes Large ProfessorHomeboy Sandman, Terry Tester,VisioneersNicholas Ryan GantGreg Blackman & Preach Jacobs.



I was listening to a few of our classic live shows in the week which are still available to download at http://themorpheussoulshow.blogspot.co.uk/ and it bought back some great memories, catching joke listening to Ten Mill Solly Brown flowing nicely over random instrumentals, then yours truly dropping the weekly heat!

I decided to drop a few of those flames on this pod-cast featuring Morpheus Soul favourites Exile,Tragedy Khadafi, Pugs AtomzMickey Factz2 Hungry BrosShawn Jackson, 8th W1,Joy JonesCookin’ Soul, Co$$ & Fresh Daily        


 Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings…DJ Johnny Rebel.


 Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Tall Black Guy – Sparkling Adventure (Tall Black Guy Presents Tempo Dreams Vol. 1)

ReplifeMecca 83Spinnerty & Simon S are Alexis Davis – The Lift (“3”)

Analog {Preach Jacobs & Dose} – Bet You Didn’t Know That (Arrow Of God)

Piff Mr Brady – No Reign

Terry Tester ft. Verb Ink – Sparkle (Horses & Diamonds)

Mickey Factz – Flying Balloons [Prod By. Cookin’ Soul]

(Cookin’ Soul & Nahright Present: 1:00 A.M. And Rising)

Ricky Shabazz ft. Homeboy Sandman – Rated Ours [Prod By. K.O. Beatz] (Free Shabazz 2)

Revolutionary Rhythm – Shine (SoulVibes)

Teru – Time To Reinvent (Tall Black Guy Presents Tempo Dreams Vol. 1)

Pugs Atomz ft. Suzi Analogue & Black Spade – What You Want Me To Be (Roof Top)

Colossus ft. G-Off & The Whooligan – The What?

K.I.N.E.T.I.C. ft. Micall Parknsun – Here We Go

[Prod By. Micall Parknsun] (The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III)

Al-One (of Sandpeople) ft. Sly Boogy – Fresh In The Flesh

[Prod By. Andy B] [Cuts By. DJ Wicked] (#Work)

Fresh Daily ft. Oddisee & MeLa Machinko – Universal Medicine

[Prod By. The Academics] (Tomorrow Is Today Mixtape)

Shawn Jackson ft. Co$$ – Here We Go Again [Prod By. Exile]

2 Hungry Bros ft. 8th W1 – Harlem Hindu (My Crew’s All Thinner!)

Tragedy Khadafi ft. Imam Thug – True Confessions [25 To Life Entertainment] 12” Single 1997

Señor Kaos – Communism 2012 [Prod By. Exit] (Mama Said The Sun Rises In The Resurrection)

Large Professor ft. Mic Geronimo & Grand Daddy IU – Mack Don Illz (Professor @ Large)

JR & PH7 ft. Act Proof Chuuwee – Travellin’ (Waiting For The Good Life)

Ricky Shabazz ft. Trilateral – Love The Music

[Prod By. Maggz] [Cuts By. Mista Sinista] (Free Shabazz 2)

Hawdwerk Jansport J ft. J7 – She Smiles [Prod By. Jansport J] (Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1)

House Shoes ft. Black Spade – Sunrise/Love (Let It Go)

Diggs Duke & ProbCause – Underestimated

[Prod By. Diggs Duke] (BamaLoveSoul.com Presents On Deck)

Tensei – Space Colony (Tall Black Guy Presents Tempo Dreams Vol. 1)

TiRon ft. Ayomari – Superwoman [Prod By. Jansport J] (Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1)

JR & PH7 ft. Fresh Daily & Sundown – Feel Good (Waiting For The Good Life)

Visioneers – LuAnne From Harlem [Prod By. Marc Mac] (Hipology)

Nicholas Ryan Gant – Better [Prod By. Applejac] (BamaLoveSoul.com Presents On Deck)

Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective – Lil Sumthin’ (The Golden Sessions)

3 Five Blind Live @ jazz re-freshed (Jazz re-freshed Live)

Mr Bird ft. Greg Blackman – Get On Through (BamaLoveSoul.com Presents On Deck)

Joy Jones – This Too (Godchild)


DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/18552033-6feImage

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