A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {4th Aug ’12}

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I was on the phone earlier in the week to my brother from another…DJ HasH…Chicago’s Finest…I was calling to thank him for his excellent choice of birthday present that I was very surprised to receive through the post. It was an ATCQ Low End Theory wallet and anyone that knows me will know that it’s my favourite hip-hop album EVER! Talking with HasH about life & music got me feeling nostalgic, diggin’ in my crates, dusty fingaz, the smell of old record sleeves, needle to the groove…Wow…Nothing Like It! I picked a few joints from my weekly vinyl session with music fromEPMDMain SourceMC Serch & Reflection Eternal all going out to my homie  

Melvin Jefferson II aka @cratediggahash aka DJ HasH of

The Temporary Residents…Yessir!


I Love doing this. Dropping simply the best, the very best, the very very very best in progressive soul & hip-hop for your finely tuned ears and bass driven souls. I’ve selected lots of fresh joints alongside Morpheus Soul favourites featuring Homeboy Sandman, Freddie Joachim,  Oddisee,Menahan Street Band, Esperanza SpaldingMadlibTeri Tobin, Large Pro 

Know Juander, Miles Bonny PLUS A BRAND NEW SMOKIN’ HOT TRACK from

the One & Only Colonel Red. Dope Sauce.


Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings…DJ Johnny Rebel. 


Link after track-listing: ENJOY! 




Panacea ft. Alona – Lady Gives The Blues (Corkscrew Gaps)

A.Dd+ – Mary Go [DJ Eleven Remix]

Homeboy Sandman – Watchu Want From Me? [Prod By. Oddisee] (First Of A Living Breed)




EPMD – Scratch Bring It Back [Part 2 – Mic Doc] (Business Never Personal) 1992 Def Jam Recordings

Main Source – Scratch & Kut (Breaking Atoms) 1991 Wild Pitch Records

MC Serch – Here It Comes (Return Of The Product) 1992 Def Jam Recordings




Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface – Spanish Ass

Alexis Davis – Mecca (3)

Grap Luva – Work It Out [Prod By. Joc Max] (Neva Done EP)




Oz ft. Phife Dawg – You Ain’t Hip (Two Fly)

Freddie Joachim – Binoculars

Chief ft. Blu & Sene – True Love (Collabo Collection)




Reflection Eternal ft. Mos Def Mr. Man – Fortified Live

[Prod By. DJ Hi-Tek] 1997 Rawkus 12” Single

Know Juander – Exiled [Prod By. Knxwledge]

Madlib ft. Stacy Epps – The Way That I Live (WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip)

Audible Doctor ft. Von Pea – F.U.B.U. [Prod By. Marink]




The Noire – Fire To The Flame

Colonel Red – Spaceface (SpaceSleep EP)

Natalie Gardiner – Come Find Me Again (California)




Esperanza Spalding – I Know You Know (Esperanza)

Live Tropical Fish ft. Laurnea – Breathe Again  (The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish)




Oddisee – Maybes (People Hear What They See)

Phony Ppl – Told You So (Nothing Special EP)

Stik Figa – Knawhatimsayin [Prod By. Michael “Seven” Summers] (As Himself)




Häzel – Still Wanna Do You (Playground EP) 

Teri Tobin – Lil Bit (So Good To Me)

Natalie Gardiner – Summer Rain (California)




Moonchild – Back To Me (Be Free)

Meemee Nelzy – On Ti Fanm Kon Mwen [Prod By. Kn7azz from Papajazz] (Kréyòl Seasoning)

Myron – You Are (Myron & The Works)

Bass: Meshell Ndegecello  Drums: Charles Haynes  Keyboards: Robert Glasper




Teri Tobin – Some Kind Of Way (So Good To Me)

Miles Bonny – What’s Life Like [Raphael Saadiq] [Prod By. DJ Day] (Lumberjack Soul)

Moonchild ft. John Daversa – Throwback (Be Free)




Codany Holiday – Carry On [Prod By. Amp Live] (808’s & Soul Breaks)

Menahan Street Band – The Crossing (The Crossing)

Large Pro – ‘Maica Living’ [ManOnWire Remix]


DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/19284805-62e

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