A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {Cameo Special}

Do Your Dance

I’ve been f0nKing out all week to the sounds of the original New York City Players and East Coast Knights Of The Sound Table aka Larry Blackmon, Tomi Jenkins, Anthony Lockett, Aaron Mills, Charlie Singleton et al. Collectively known as the brilliant “Cameo“.

One of my favourite groups growing up in the 80’s, the forever changing line up has been keeping music lovers on their toes, releasing seventeen albums over four decades, and they ain’t done yet soul people. Still touring the states and I’m very happy to say, live in London Town this month BABY! {Oct 22nd/23rd/24th/25th/26th} at the legendary Jazz Cafe. I remember purchasing my first Cameo 7″ single “Back & Forth” from Woolworths with my pocket money and rinsing it to death on my aunts turntable. I later picked up the Word Up! album on cassette and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with funkinmebones syndrome.The Rest is History!!!

On this special tribute I go through a small selection of Cameo’s back catalogue featuring music from 1977 to 1996 including “Back And Forth” and a host of classic funk soul jams. Also, In true Morpheus Soul fashion, I had to switch it up slightly and feature a beautiful version of the classic “Word Up” performed by Willis, plus; a special segment named “Sampling Larry” with three supa dope hip-hop joints produced by DJ Premier9th Wonder & Khrysis all sampling CAMEO records. The cherry on the cake is a DJ Cam song from 2002 remixed by J Dilla R.I.P, and featuring Larry Blackmon on vocals. It’s time to raise the anchor once again and set sail on this special midweek excursion aboard the good-ship Morpheus. ENJOY!


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Cameo – Honey (Machismo) 1988 Atlanta Artists

Cameo – On The One (Cameosis) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – Please You (Cameosis) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – Is This The Way (Feel Me) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – Skin I’m In (Nasty) 1996 Intersound

Cameo – The Sound Table (Knights Of The Sound Table) 1981 Chocolate City

Cameo – Rigor Mortis (Cardiac Arrest) 1977 Chocolate City

Cameo – Back And Forth (Word Up!) 1986 Atlanta Artists

Cameo – You Are My Love (In The Face Of Funk) 1995 Raging Bull Records

Cameo – We’re Goin’ Out Tonight (Cameosis) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – I’ll Be With You (Ugly Ego) 1978 Chocolate City

Cameo – Come Fly With Me (Nasty) 1996 Intersound

Willis – Word Up (Take You High EP) 2003 679 Recordings

Cameo – It’s Over (We All Know Who We Are) 1977 Chocolate City

Cameo – Smile (Cardiac Arrest) 1977 Chocolate City

Cameo – Sparkle (Secret Omen) 1979 Chocolate City

Cameo – Why Have I Lost You (Cameosis) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – We All Know Who We Are (We All Know Who We Are) 1977 Chocolate City

Cameo – Feel Me (Feel Me) 1980 Chocolate City

Cameo – I’ll Always Stay (Knights Of The Sound Table) 1981 Chocolate City

Cameo – I Never Knew (Knights Of The Sound Table) 1981 Chocolate City

Cameo – Hangin’ Downtown (She’s Strange) 1984 Atlanta Artists

Sampling Larry

Group Home – Super Star [Prod By. DJ Premier] (Livin’ Proof) 1995 Payday/FFRR

Median – Rize [Prod By. Khrysis] (Median’s Relief) 2007 Halftooth Records

Rapsody – U Sparklin [Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Return Of The B-Girl) 2010 Jamla

Thank You For Listening

DJ Cam feat. Cameo – Love Junkee

[Jay Dee aka Dilla Vocal Mix] 2002 Inflamable Records 12” Single

DOWNLOAD>>> http://www.divshare.com/download/19768628-4d5

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