A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {Phontigallo Special Pt.1}

“Take some time to dream / Peace of mind is a delightful thing / This is the life of kings” [Phonte]

Over the past decade, people say the shit rappers talk about ain’t interestin’, they ain’t listening, they thinkin’ ’bout they Timbalands, I’ve never been to Switzerland myself but I know that these people are listening to the wrong kind of hip-hop. I could go into naming names but all you need to do is check previous episodes of Morpheus Soul to hear exactly what I’m sayin’. Hip-Hop is not Dead! This particular edition is dedicated to one of the best emcee’s of the last ten years, North Carolina Born, Grammy nominated, one half of The Foreign Exchange and alongside 9th Wonder and partner in rhyme, Rapper Big Pooh completed one of my favourite groups ever…Little Brother. Phonte Coleman aka PhonTigallo aka Percy Miracles is one of many examples on how dope rap music is today. SALUTE!

This is part One of a Two Part Special. Real Music for Real People.

Your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast will be finely tuning ears onto Phonte songs, features and appearances, from Old Tay to New Tigallo, New Tigallo, New Tigallo, soul and hip-hop aplenty with tracks featuring The Away TeamPolyrhythm Addicts, ElzhiMarc MacKev Brown,OddiseeDJ SpinnaAnalogic, Roddy Rod, Dave GhettoEric RobersonEvidence,Median, Rapper Big Pooh 9th Wonder.   

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. 

Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

The Foreign Exchange ft. Joe Scudda – Raw Life (Connected)
Rapper Big Pooh ft. Phonte – Every Block
[Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Sleepers) 2004 6 Hole Records Inc
Little Brother ft. Elzhi – Hiding Place (The Minstrel Show)

DJ K.O. ft. K-HillMasta AcePhonte & Wordsworth –
Ladder Of Success [Prod By. Analogic] (PictureThis…)
Polyrhythm Addicts ft. Phonte – It’s My Life (Break Glass…)

Little Brother – Starship (The Chittlin’ Circuit- The Mixtape)
9th Wonder ft. Phonte – Too Late
(Dream Merchant Volume One) 2005 6 Hole Records Inc
Marc Mac ft. Phonte – Take A Trip (In Between The Lines EP)

Phonte ft. Big K.R.I.T. Evidence – The Life Of Kings
[Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Charity Starts At Home)
Playerz Circle ft. Phonte of Little Brother – Paper Chaser
[Prod By. Mr. Porter] (Supply & Demand)
Kev Brown ft. Oddisee & Phonte – Beats N’ Rhymes
(I Do What I Do) 2005 Up Above Records 

DJ Spinna ft. Phonte – Intergalactic Soul (Intergalactic Soul)
Little Brother ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. – So Fabulous (The Listening)
Little Brother – Shake It (The Chittlin’ Circuit- The Mixtape)


Dave Ghetto ft. Mystic Phonte – Hey Young World Pt. II
[Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Love Life?)
The Foreign Exchange ft. Kenn Starr & Oddisee – The Answer (Connected) 2004 BBE
Roddy Rod ft. Carlitta Durrand & Phonte – This Time Around (Cuba After Market 1.5)

Nobody Beats The Beats ft. Linn & Little Brother – Cloud 9
(Drops From Above) 2004 Sonny B Recordings
The Foreign Exchange ft. Darien Brockington – Come Around (Connected) 2004 BBE
United Soul ft. Jean Grae & Phonte – Soul Clap Remix [Prod By. Kev Brown]
Eric Roberson ft. Phonte – Picture Perfect (Mister Nice Guy)

Oddisee ft. Phonte – All Because She’s Gone (Oddisee – 101)
Anthony David ft. Algebra Blessett & Phonte – 4Evermore (As Above, So Below)
4 hero ft. Darien Brockington & Phonte – Give In
(Play With The Changes) 2007 Raw Canvas Records
Tanya Morgan ft. Phonte & Brittany Bosco – She’s Gone [Prod By. Aeon] (Brooklynati)

Murs ft. Phonte – The Animal [Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition)
Sound Providers ft. Little Brother – Braggin & Boasting
(An Evening With The Sound Providers) 2004 ABB
Phonte ft. Median – Eternally [Prod By. 9th Wonder] (Charity Starts At Home)

Little Brother – ExtraHard [Extended Bitches Mix]
[Prod By. Denaun Porter] (12 Days Of GetBack)
Liquid Spirits ft. Phonte – If You Don’t Love Me (Music)
Spectac & 9th Wonder ft. Phonte – Reasons (The Corner Of Spec & 9th)
9th Wonder ft. Phonte & Median – Band Practice Pt. 2 (The Wonder Years)

DJ Spinna ft. Phonte – Dillagence
J.R. PH7 ft. Phonte Median – Goodbye (The Good Life)
The Away Team ft. Phonte – See U Later (Scars & Stripes) 2011 Duck Down

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