A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {26th Jan ’13}


“The music is a powerful thing, especially when it’s used to boost the power within” [Ty]


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. It all depends on what time of day you decide to it sit back, press play and massage your ears to simply the best in Progressive Soul & Hip-Hop music. The anchor is raised and the seas are calm. The play-list is tight as The Connoisseurs Corner returns to the fold once again with a brace of old school classics from Terumasa Hino &Ned Doheny. I’ll also be droppin’ the freshest beats, rhymes & song featuring dopeness withSpectac, W. Ellington FeltonRenee Neufville, José JamesP.SO the Earth Tone King,Count Bass DJohn Robinson, Maya Azucena, SeravinceMoe PopeDJ Spinna,Joomanji, DyMe-A-DuZin, Denitia OdigieShabaam SahdeeqDJ Vadim & some sublime XMAS 2012 left-overs from Moka Only.   

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. 
Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

DJ Vadim ft. Greg Blackman & Pugs Atomz – This Could Be (I’m Feelin’ U bbe single)
Leonard Dstroy and Kutty Slitz – Feel Dat Bass (The LennySlitz Project Part 2)
DJ Spinna & Shabaam Sahdeeq – Do You (Motion Picture)

Spectac & Shakim ft. SkyzooWarren WintSha Stimuli Señor Kaos – Moment Of Truth  
(For The People) HiPNOTT Records
Moe Pope Rain ft. Dua Boakye of Bad Rabbits – Hot Sauce
(Let The Right Ones In) Brick Records

Joomanji ft. Saara Maria – Somethin’ Out Of Nothin (Manj)
Seravince – People Of The Night (Hear To See) Moovmnt Records 
Denitia & Sene – Casanova

José James – Vanguard (No Beginning No End) Blue Note 
Miles Bonny – Name Dropping [Prod By. DRPlus2] (For My Real Folks mix-tape)

DyMe-A-DuZin ft. Elbee Thrie – I Lied To Myself (A Portrait Of Donnovan) Warner Bros. Records
P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Denitia Odigie – Floating
[Prod By. Soul Academy] (Gateway To Greatness)
Moe Pope & Rain ft. John Robinson – Loud Enough (Let The Right Ones In) Brick Records

Chris Turner ft. MoRuf – Let Go (LOVElife Is A Challenge: A Mixtape)
José James – Make It Right (No Beginning No End) Blue Note 
Joomanji ft. Lindsay Olsen Copasetic – Where Are You (Love For JL) (Remastered) (Manj)
Seravince ft. Renee Neufville – World Won’t Stop (Hear To See) Moovmnt Records

Moe Pope Rain ft. Ceschi – Annie Mulz (Let The Right Ones In) Brick Records
Shape Of Broad Minds ft. Stacy Epps – They Don’t Know
[Prod By. Jneiro Jarel] (Craft Of The Lost Art) Lex Records
Moka Only – Every Where That You Look (Martian XMAS 2012) urbnet.com

Fat Slim [formerly of The Pharcyde] – Butwhatcha Do 2 Me! [Love]
Skyblew x Backdraft ft. V!RTU – More Than I Do (Life In 3rd Person)  
Charmingly Ghetto ft. Maya Azucena – Misterio [Prod By. Pipol] (Kickz-N-Starez EP)
Shape Of Broad Minds ft. Count Bass D – It Lives On
[Prod By. Jneiro Jarel] (Craft Of The Lost Art) Lex Records

Moka Only – Suite For Semi Who (Martian XMAS 2012) urbnet.com
Fat & Slim [formerly of The Pharcyde] – Stay [Love]
Def Dee Zar ft. Sydney Ranee – Same Old (Zulu Delta) Mello Music Group

Def Dee Zar – Hadouken (Zulu Delta) Mello Music Group
Moka Only ft. Aro – Natural Humbug (Martian XMAS 2012) urbnet.com

Joomanji ft. Saara Maria – Chasin Rhymes (Manj)
José James ft. Hindi Zahra – Sword + Gun (No Beginning No End) Blue Note
Seravince ft. Renee Neufville – Perfect Stranger (Hear To See) Moovmnt Records

The Connoisseurs Corner

Terumasa Hino – Send Me Your Feelings (City Connection) 1979 Inner City Records
Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love (Prone) 1978 CBS/Sony

W. Ellington Felton – Lift Off [Prod By. Dre Kay] (Selective Morality: A Wes Felton EP)
Chris Turner – Find A Way [Prod By. Steve Mckie] (LOVElife Is A Challenge: A Mixtape)

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