A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {18th Feb ’13}

R.I.P. Timothy ‘Tim Dog’ Blair [Jan 1st 1967-Feb 14th 2013]

After four and a half hours of loved up jams courtesy of last weeks Morpheus Soul Valentine’s Mix-tape special, I decided that this week; I was not only gonna drop the pod-cast late, I was gonna drop it big, bad and heavy. I love hip-hop and the previous edition contained absolute zilch. This shit right here though, this shit right here, contains the illest beats & rhymes, that smooth shit, that raw shit, that good ol’ rap shit. As the good ship sets sail on a Music Monday, expect to be snappin’ your neck to the sounds of Blame OneK-DefCo$$, Tim Dog, Naledge, Ghostface Killah, Homeboy Sandman, Mac Miller, 9th WonderSean Armstrong J Dilla. The word is in the title and soul I have aplenty featuring the sublime vocals of Mayer Hawthorne, Aisha DanielTone TrezureAlice RussellLindsay OlsenSharlene Hector, Claire Mortifee &Erik Rico.

The Connoisseurs Corner features one classic track from the incredible ‘Weather Report‘.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Blame One – Fine Wine [Prod By. Jmus]
Dag Sav – Milk Box (Salvation)
Nametag – Buggin’ [Prod By. Nameless]
Mac Miller ft. Prodigy – Confessions Of A Cash Register
[Prod By. Alchemist & Larry FishermanRostrum Records

Naledge ft. Mikkey Halsted – Life In Corona
[Prod By. Thelonius Martin] (Brain Power) Duck Down
Skyzoo – Floor Seats With Young [Prod By. Yesterday’s New Quintet] (Band Practice)
Potatohead People ft. Frank Nitt – Back To My Shit (Kosmichemusik EP) Jellyfish Recordings 

Terrace Martin ft. Problem – Somethin Else (3 Chord Fold)
[Prod By. 9th Wonder + Terrace MartinAKAI Music
Potatohead People ft. Moka Only – It Gets Good (Kosmichemusik EP) Jellyfish Recordings 
Jairus Mozee ft. Ricky Harris aka DJ Eazy D*ick – Experience

Brand Nubian – Rockin’ It Remix [Prod By. Def DeeMello Music Group
Realm Reality ft. Blu Fred The Godson – I Just Want To Be There
[Prod By. Nottz] (In The Grind We Trust) Infamous Records
Ghostface Killah Andrian Younge – The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah
(Twelve Reasons To Die) Def Jam

Asher Roth ft. Curren$y – Dude
[Prod By. Blended Babies] (Ash Wednesday Series) SB/SRC/Def Jam 
Homeboy Sandman – Not For Women [Prod By. 6th Sense] Stones Throw Records
StaHHrThe Thunda Kat & Ekundayo – Black Don’t Crack [Madlib Production]
Big K.R.I.T. – Reign On [Prod By. 9th Wonder]

Tim Dog – Can’t Fuck Around [Prod By. Ced Gee Tim Dog]
(Penicillin On Wax) 1991 Ruffhouse Records  

Skyzoo – Grew Up On Kool-Aid [Prod By. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble] (Band Practice)
Exact Change Project – Wine n Dime (Escape Capsule)
The Black Opera ft. Mayer Hawthorne – Queen Of Hearts
[Prod By. Astronote] (Libretto: Of King Legend)

Nametag – Whatcha Want [Prod By. Nameless]
Sean Armstrong ft. Tajai of Souls Of Mischeif Phoenix – Took Control
[Prod By. !llmind] (Marble Cake Diaries)
Co$$ – Love Is Blind [Prod By. Cohen Beats] (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not)

J Dilla – DeWitt To Do It (The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1)
Co$$ – Love Is A Crown Of Thorns
[Prod By. The Soul Academy] (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not)

Joomanji ft. Aisha Daniel Te-Diggs – Free (Manj)
GUS with Erik Rico – So Sexy [Prod By. VersatellLifenotes music
Seravince ft. Sharlene Hector – High (Hear To See) Moovmnt

Alice Russell – Twin Peaks (To Dust) Tru Thoughts/Differ-Ant
Potatohead People ft. Claire Mortifee – Blossoms (Kosmichemusik EP) Jellyfish Recordings 
Tone Trezure – Moonstruck [Luz De La Luna] (To Dust)
Seravince ft. Sharlene Hector & Esperanzah – 94 (Hear To See) Moovmnt

The Connoisseurs Corner

Weather Report – Birdland (Heavy Weather) 1977 Columbia

Bonus Tracks


Joomanji ft. Lindsay Olsen – Spread Too Thin [Remastered] (Manj)
Darryl Reeves – Star Of Detroit (The Dillaquarium Mixtape)

J Dilla – The Throwaway [The Yancey Boys ft. Frank Nitt] (The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1)
K-Def – Touching Realness (One Man Band) Redefinition Records

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