The lightest conversation has its flow / Aural communication don’t you know… [Omar].

The sun is shining in London Town and I was meaning to put this pod-cast out a while back, but I’m glad that I saved it for this lovely weekend in the capital. The virtual Good Ship is cruising along the River Thames and I’m inviting the whole wide world to tune in to your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast as I pay tribute to a soul music legend. The simply brilliant Omar Lye-Fook MBE has recently released his seventh album entitled “The Man” available from Freestyle Records and it’s a guaranteed future classic. BIG UP!

This is part one of a two part special, and on the first edition {Side A}, we’ll be smooth sailing and rocking the boat simultaneously to Omar classics and guest appearances featuring production coming from the likes of Blaze4HeroDazIKueAtjazz, Dodge, Scratch Professor & Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, to name just a few, plus incredible music with Mario BiondiGalliano,Live Tropical FishHidden Jazz QuartettPino PalladinoReel People, Common, Angie Stone, Soul Of Earth & Level 42.

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy. 
Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Side A

Omar – When You Touch We Touch (The Man) 2013 Freestyle Records
Maddslinky ft. Omar- Special [Atjazz Remix] Tru Thoughts 
The Layabouts ft. Omar – As Long As You Believe [BB Boogie Remix] 2012 Reel People Music

Omar ft. Angie Stone – Be Thankful [Blaze’s Shrine Vocal Mix]
(Be Thankful Remixes) 2004 Spun Records
Galliano ft. Omar – Golden Flower (A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator) 1992 Talkin’ Loud
ROXY5000 ft. Omar Shawn Lee – Keep Da Funk [da Motster Remix]
Omar – It’s So  Sing (If You Want It) 2006 Ether

Positive Flow ft Omar – Do What I Do (FlowLines) 2012 Tokyo Dawn Records
Live Tropical Fish ft. Omar – Rubber Soul
(The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish) 2010 LTF Records
Mario Biondi ft. Omar – Never Stop (Sun) 2013 Sony Music
Omar – Outside [Full Opaz Mix] 1994 BMG 12” Single

Omar – This Is Not A Love Song (This Is Not A Love Song) 1997 BMG
Omar – Get It Together  Sing (If You Want It) 2006 Ether
Omar – Tell Me (Best By Far) 2001 Oyster Music

Dilouya ft. Omar – Over The Sun (Dilouya’s Faithful Circus) 2012 Magnificent Music
Omar – Making Sense Of It (For Pleasure) 1994 BMG Victor Inc.
Omar – Get To Know You Better (Music) 1992 Talkin’ loud

Omar – Don’t Mean A Thing (There’s Nothing Like This) 1990 Kongo Dance
Hidden Jazz Quartett ft. Omar – High Heels Agogo Records 72 Single
Reel People ft. Omar – Outta Love [4Hero Remix]
(Seven Ways To Wonder: Especial Unreleased Remixes EP)
Seven ft. Omar – Wish Of A Fool (Soul Togetherness) 2009 Expansion

Omar – Syleste [Lounge Lizzard Mix] (Best By Far) 2001 Oyster Music
Omar – Essensual (Best By Far) 2001 Oyster Music

Omar ft. Estelle – Lay It Down  Sing (If You Want It) 2006 Ether
Soul Of Earth ft. Omar – This Is Something Getting’ Heavy (Electromagnetic EP)
Level 42 ft. Omar – The Sun Goes Down [Living It Up] ’98 Mix
[Prod By. Dodge] 1998 Polydor 12” Single
Dira ft. Omar – Let’s Go Back [Prod By. Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick] Expansion

Omar – Kiss It Right [Scratch Professor Re-Twist]
Sing (If You Want It) Re Twisted 2012Tru Thoughts
Common ft. BilalCee-LoErykah BaduJill ScottLonnie LynnMary J. Blige & Omar –
Heaven Somewhere (Electric Circus) 2002 MCA Records
Omar ft. Pino Palladino – There’s Nothing Like This (The Man) 2013 Freestyle Records

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