A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {19th Oct 13}

Love is supreme and unconditional. Like is nice, but limited.” [Duke Ellington].

Hello Party People! It’s that time once again grown folk, to welcome you all aboard The good ship Morpheus for another smooth cruise along the virtual waves of soul & hip-hop musical niceness. It’s Saturday, The sea’s are calm, the sky’s are clear and the force is with me, as I present an incredible jam packed episode of your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast. So! Let’s raise the anchor and set sail, as I come fully equipped with beats & rhymes aplenty, and on this supa-fresh edition I’ll be droppin’ Morpheus Soul heaviness, featuring the dopest joints & jams with Clear Soul Forces, Black Milk, Silent Knight,Kev Brown, TermanologyDâm-Funk, Terrace Martin, Blu Nottz, D’AngeloBoog Brown, L’Orange & Stik Figa, CM Jones, Thelonius Martin & Evan Holt, Rapsody,Oddisee, Jered Sanders, LadyStarship Connection, Denitia Sene, DenmarkVessey, My’Key Iso, The Audible Doctor Mark De Clive-Lowe.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!


Kev Brown – Baile Black [Remix] (Brazil Dedication) Redefinition Records

Starship Connection – We Can Go All Night

(Teeko B. Bravo Present: Tempo Dreams Volume 2) Bastard Jazz Recordings

Dâm-Funk & Snoopzilla – Faden Away (7 Days Of Funk) Stones Throw Records


Black Milk ft. Robert Glasper & Dwele – Sonny Jr. (Dreams)

(No Poison No Paradise)Fat Beats / Computer Ugly Records

Da One Away ft. Bembe Segue – To Tomorrow 2000Black

Sekoya ft. Amalia – My Will (Dalawa) Plantaeshun


Domu ft. Face– Save It 2000Black

Terrace Martin ft. Musiq Soulchild – Over Time (3ChordFold) Empire

Denitia Sene – Lucy, Loosie (His & Hers) Snow Dog Records

Lady – Money (Lady) Truth & Soul Records


Asamov – Past Features (And Now…) 6 Hole Records, Inc

Blu Nottz ft. Rashad – End Of The World (Gods In The Spirit EP) Coalmine Records

The Audible Doctor ft. Francesca – Wings Part 2 (The Summer Tape)


CM Jones – Da Luv (Perfect Hand Off) Milk Crate Records

Rise (Demigodz) – After The Break (The Cornerstone) Nobody-Buys Records

Clear Soul Forces– Ain’t Playin’ [Prod By. Ilajide] (Gold PP7s) Fat Beats


Silent Knight ft. Homeboy Sandman & MadKem – No Fare

(Busy Is My Best Friend II) Elementality Productions, LLC

L’Orange & Stik Figa ft. Rapsody – Before Midnight

(The City Under The City) Mello Music Group

Black Milk – Deion’s House [Prod By. Will Sessions]

(No Poison No Paradise)Fat Beats / Computer Ugly Records


Boog Brown – Windows Open (The Late Bloom) Soulspazm,Inc.

Rapsody – Thank You Very Much [Prod By. Khrysis] (She Got Game)

Black Milk ft. Ab – Parallels (No Poison No Paradise) Fat Beats / Computer Ugly Records


Thelonius Martin & Evan Holt – In The City (The Temptations)

Oddisee ft. Olivier St. Louis – Unfollow You (Tangible Dream) Mello Music Group

Denmark Vessey – Awfully Pimpish (Don’t Drink The Kool Aid) House Shoes /DirtyScience


D’Angelo – Brown Sugar [Incognito Molasses Remix]

(She’s Always In My Hair 12” Promo) Cooltempo

Oddisee – Interlude Flow (Tangible Dream) Mello Music Group

Jered Sanders – Black (While You Were Waiting EP)

L’Orange Stik Figa – After All (The City Under The City) Mello Music Group


Termanology ft. Action Bronson & Jared Evan – Take My Turn

(G.O.Y.A. Gunz Or Yay Available) Brick Records

Jered Sanders – Closed Caption (While You Were Waiting EP)

The Audible Doctor ft. Kurious – Thought Of You (The Summer Tape)


Kev Brown – Não! /Now (Brazil Dedication) Redefinition Records

Denmark Vessey ft. Quelle  Mo Money Less Problems

(Don’t Drink The Kool Aid) Dirty Science

Clear Soul Forces – Unlimited Bounce [Prod By. Nameless] (Gold PP7s) Fat Beats


Rapsody – Mass Hysteria [ProdBy. 9th Wonder]

Oddisee ft. Diamond District – Bonus Flow (Tangible Dream) Mello Music Group

CM Jones – Da Luv [BLU Remix] Milk Crate Records

My’Key Iso – Daze Like This [Prod By. Freddie Joachim] (The Appetizer)


Bonus Track


Mark De Clive-Lowe – Hot Music (the One Take series)

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