A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {The Letter E}

This edition of “Morpheus Soul is brought to you by the letter E and the number 8.

Ahoy shipmates…It’s episode number five of “DJ Johnny Rebels” alphabetical series which can only mean, everything begins with an “E“. Welcome aboard and greetings all newcomers to the good-ship “Morpheus”, for your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast. Lend me your earsas e is for extraordinary sounds, exceptional beats, exquisite vocals and rap excellence, having selected some of my “Morpheus Soul” favourite E‘s from yesteryear, and a few new tracks for extra niceness. It is the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop…élan vital.

Eargasms aplenty as The Connoisseurs Corner takes us back to the late seventies withEarth, Wind & FireEdna Wright and Eddie Holman, you’ll also be clapping your hands and shuffling your feet to drums, rhymes and song featuring E is for Epic music with Eric B &Rakim, Erick Sermon, EbrahimErik Rico, Edgar Allen FloeEl Da Sensei, Eric Roberson,Elevationists, Esperanza Spalding, Erimaj, Everyday People, Eulorhythmics, EMCERule,Eric Benét, Ego Ella May, Electric Wire HustleEl Prez, Elekwent Folk, Exile, Erik Jackson,EssaElzhi, Eric Lau, Electro Deluxe, Edo. G, Erykah Badu, Extra Medium, 8thW1,  

El Michels Affair, Emilio Rojas and 88 Keys.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Ebrahim – Family Tree (Goldrush) 2007 A Decent Apple Records

Erik Jackson – Now And Then (Rainy Days) 2012 erikjackson.bandcamp
Everyday People – Simmer Down [Broken Vox Mix] 2002 Papa Records 12” single

Erik Rico – Wanting You (Journey Back To Me) 2007 LifeNotes Music

Esperanza Spalding ft. Joe Lovano – I Can’t Help 
(Radio Music Society) 2012 Heads Up International
El Michels Affair – Uzi (Pinky Ring) (Enter The 37th Chamber) 2009 Fat Beats

Exile ft. Miguel Jontel – Summer in LA (Dirty Science) 2006 Sound In Color

Essa – The World Belongs To You [Prod By. TaKu]
(The Misadventures of a Middle Man) 2014 First Word Records 
Erimaj w/ Chris Turner – Social Life (Conflict Of A Man) 2012 Lockhart Dynasty

Edgar Allen Floe – Arrest The President (Cypher God) 

(The Streetwise LP) 2008 MCEO Records 
EMC ft. Strickie Love – We Alright [Prod By. Frequency
(The Show) 2008 Traffic Entertainment Group
Eulorhythmics {Kenny Keys & ADaD} – Leavin (Green St. & Avers) 2010 All Natural Inc. 

El Da Sensei ft. Mike ZootPharaohe Monch & Prince Po – Frontline 

[Prod By. Shawn J Period] (Relax Relate Release) 2002 Seven Heads 
8thW1 & PVD – Home Sweet Home (Lux DeVille) 2013 pvdmusic.bandcamp

Erykah Badu – FallIn Love (Your Funeral) [Prod By. Karriem Riggins

(New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh) 2010 Universal Motown
Ego Ella May – Being Loved (The Tree) 2013 egoellamay.bandcamp
Electric Wire Hustle ft. Stacy Epps – Walk On 
[Prod By. Mara TK] (Electric Wire Hustle) 2010 BBE
Emilio Rojas – The Blast [Not Me] CDR

88 Keys ft. Bilal – M.I.L.F. (The Death Of Adam) 2008 Deacon
Elzhi – Transitional Joint [Prod By. Black Milk] (The Preface) 2008 Fat Beats
Exile ft. Blu – Fly (Song of Liberation) (Dirty Science) 2006 Sound In Color
Elekwent Folk – Seasons Go [Prod By. AstroLogical
(Northern Lights) 2012 elekwent-folk.bandcamp

Extra Medium {Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble & Sam Champ}

ft. Nicholas Ryan Gant & Fresh Daily – Born Again 
(Extra Medium EP) recordbreakin.bandcamp 
Electro Deluxe ft. NYR – Sorry (Play) 2010 Collectif Soul Gang
Eric Lau ft. Muhsinah & Kaidi Tatham – Always Will 
(Kilawatt V2) 2010 Killawatt Music Limited

Elevationists – Home (COLD.) 2011 elevationists.bandcamp

ERule – Listen Up [Prod By. King Born Allah] 2005 Pallas Records 12” single
El Da Sensei ft. JLive & Asheru – Whatyouwando?
[Prod By. Joe Money] (Relax Relate Release) 2002 Seven Heads

Edo. G – Fastlane [Prod By. DJ Premier

(A Face In The Crowd) 2011 Envision Entertainment
Edgar Allen Floe ft. Median – What It Is [Prod By. 9th Wonder
(The Streetwise LP) 2008 MCEO Records 
El Prez ft. Donwill & Von Pea – Victory Lapse [Prod By. The A3
(Animal Style!) 2010 elprez.bandcamp

Eric B & Rakim – Keep The Beat (Don’t Sweat The Technique) 1992 MCA Records

Erick Sermon ft. Jazze Pha – Man Above [Prod By. Redman
(Double Or Nothing) 1995 Rush Associated Labels 

Ebrahim – Be Alright (Goldrush) 2007 A Decent Apple Records

Eric Roberson ft. Marsha Ambrosius – N2U (The Appetizer) 2005 Blue Erro Soul 
Eric Benét – Trippin’ (Better & Better) 2001 Warner Bros.

The Connoisseurs Corner 

Edna Wright – Oops! Here I Go Again (Oops! Here I Go Again) 1977 RCA Victor 

Earth, Wind & Fire – Would You Mind 
[Demo Version of Love’s Holiday] (All ‘N All) 1999 Columbia 
Eddie Holman – It’s Over [Prod By. Ron Kersey
(A Night To Remember) 1977 Salsoul Records

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