A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {Ten Year Anniversary Special}

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“Love me some @MorpheusSoul !!! #thetruth” (Cecilia Stalin).

“Beautiful brutha.. I love your shows.. sooo much flava.. much love an’respec.. good peeplz! ..smh.. Yes sir!”. (BeatzSpeakz Loud).

“Probably the best Podcast out of everything out right now, especially off of Podomatic………..y’all DJ’s need to take notes……The Morpheus Show run tings”. (Chad Rivers).

“A brilliant set of people with a very unique show.. with special guests that really touch upon the new progressive hip hop and soul elements of the culture….. check them out and sign up …. there FRESH!!!”. (Ty).

“I swear down if it wasn’t for Johnny, I wouldn’t know or care what the f*ck was going on in modern music”. (Greg Blackman).

I usually don’t curse online, but you are fucking brilliant!! LOLOL (shouts and claps of joy) (Fayth Owen Hope).

BIG UP YOURSELF RUDE BOY!! ;} You have an amazing show with an amazing concept in supporting & spreading the word on the artists you represent! I SALUTE ALL TEMP RES FAMILY.. (Colonel Red).

“See this is why I love music.. especially when it’s got those raw, spontaneous, creative vibes!! Gotta biggup the Temp Res family for their representing tirelessly. Blessings”. (BeatzSpeakz Loud).

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {Ten Year Anniversary Special}.

It’s been ten incredible years since The Morpheus Soul Show first aired on the internet back in 2005. We originally set up home in North West London on “smokefm” radio before moving South to Brixton based station “playvybz.com”. We had some fantastic times and met some truly talented individuals along our journey.


This pod-cast is just a small taste of what Ten Mill, The Soulful Solly Brown, Lyrickal aka Uncle B Nice and yours truly DJ Johnny Rebel brought to the world of hip-hop & progressive soul music over the last decade.

Expect to hear brilliant live jam sessions, freestyles, interviews all included with distortion, feedback, audience participation and then some, courtesy of the super talented Miss Baby Sol, Sharlene Hector, Mystro, Louise Golbey, Oddisee, Sabira Jade, Greg Blackman, Tha 4orce, Fae Simon, Kevin Mark Trail, Purple Crown, Ty, Floetic Lara, Jonas, Olivier DaySoul, Terri Walker, Ski Beatz and so much more. I have added to this special edition EXCLUSIVE Morpheus Soul Theme Songs featuring contributions from W. Ellington Felton, Soulstice, Ilyas of Tanya Morgan, D Julien, Erik Rico, Simeon of The Primeridian, Mac-P, Shev Rock, Wes Restless, Spec Boogie, Chima Anya, Kimba aka Klarity, Lyrickal, John Robinson, Pugs Atomz, Senor Kaos & Homeboy Sandman.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all that featured and contributed to our live shows including all of the above plus Eric Roberson, Tanya Morgan, Funky DL, Cecilia Stalin, Tall Black Guy, HKB FiNN, Alison Grant, Brittany Bosco, DJ Vadim, Colin Emmanuel aka Black Einstein, Daz-I-Kue, Chima Anya, Kadija Kamara, Native Sun, Heidi Vogel, Johnny Du Toit, LeeN NLT, DJ Barry King, Colin B, Preach Jacobs, Rah Kim Frizzle, Colonel Red, Sarah Fonteyne, Julie Dexter,
Kennedy Prezedent Mensah and DMo! Love to all my Temporary Resident family…Georgia Djiabouras, Ashana-Amina Jones, DJ Dappa aka Dusty Fingaz, DJ HasH, Dirty Nevs and Sonrize. BIG UP!!!

This is your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast droppin’ the very best in progressive soul and hip-hop, inviting one and all to wave goodbye to reality for a couple of hours, relax and vibe out to some grown folk business. Peace and blessings. Johnny.

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy.
Parental Advisory Explicit Content.



John Robinson – 2009 Morpheus Soul Theme Song
Simeon of The Primeridian & Shev Rock – Feel Good
[Prod By. Mac-P] (Morpheus Soul Theme)
Erik Rico – A Morpheus Soul Theme Song
Spec Boogie – A Morpheus Soul Theme Song

Ten Mill & The Soulful Solly Brown speak with Spec Boogie

Kimba aka Klarity, Lyrickal, John Robinson, Pugs Atomz, Senor Kaos & Homeboy Sandman – The Morpheus Soul Theme Song [Prod By. Oddisee]

The Soulful Solly Brown speaks with Ty

Ty & Lyrickal – Feeling The Vibe [Live Jam Session]

Lyric L, Shelley Nicole, Jeff Jeudy & Lyrickal – Are You Ready?
W. Ellington Felton – A Morpheus Soul Theme Song
Miss Baby Sol & Lyrickal – Ginger Beer [Live Freestyle Jam]

Ten Mill speaks with Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz ft. Ste Keys & Klarity – Nothing Left [Live Freestyle Jam]
Tha 4orce & Lyrickal – Ya Dun Know! [Live Freestyle Jam]

Sharlene Hector & Lyrickal – The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
[Live Freestyle Jam]
Terri Walker, Ski Beatz & Lyrickal – Movin’ & Groovin’ [Live Jam Session]

Ilyas of Tanya Morgan – A Morpheus Soul Theme Song
Soulstice – A Morpheus Soul Interlude

Oddisee & Lyrickal – Orchestra [Live Freestyle Jam]
Homeboy Sandman & Lyrickal on the Beat-Box – Not Pop
(Not Your Ordinary Rework) [Live Jam Session]
Mystro & Lyrickal – Taking ‘Em To Church [Live Jam Session]

Olivier DaySoul – Labor [Live Studio Performance]


Pugs Atomz & Wes Restless – Good Thing
[Prod By. Mac-P] (Morpheus Soul Theme)

Jonas & Lyrickal – Where? [Live Jam Session]
Floetic Lara & Lyrickal – Hold You Down [Live Freestyle Jam]
Kevin Mark Trail, Purple Crown & Lyrickal – Just Another Day
[Live Freestyle Jam]

Fae Simon & Lyrickal – Ready To Go [Live Freestyle Jam]
Greg Blackman & Lyrickal – The Haters Can Say What They Want​/​
Funky Like This [Live Freestyle Jam]
Erik Rico, Ego Ella May & Lyrickal – We Gettin Down [Live Freestyle Jam]

Sabira Jade & Lyrickal – Seven Minutes Of Soul [Live Freestyle Jam]
Louise Golbey & Lyrickal – Spread Your Wings [Live Freestyle Jam]

Homeboy Sandman – Homeboy’s Mood Pt. 1 [Live Jam Session]
John Robinson, Klarity & Lyrickal – We Get It In [Live Freestyle Jam]
Mystro & Lyrickal – Diggi In The Place [Live Jam Session]
Pugs Atomz & Lyrickal – Daylight [Live Freestyle Jam]

Chima Anya – Morpheus Soul Outroverse Part One
D Julien – Morpheus Soul Outroverse Part Two




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