The Morpheus Soul Show – Jan 7th, 2016 – Happy New Year!

“Brighter Days”

We are keeping it FRESH for our first outing of 2016 (Show 33) on Itch FM as we drop the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop with fantastic music featuring The Rebirth, Gregory Porter, Ruck P, Tony Momrelle, Q-Tip, The Milk, Columbia Nights, Raphael Saadiq, Erykah Badu, Big L, Murs & 9th Wonder, Scorpz The Venom, Rashid Hadee, All Flows Reach Out, Busta Rhymes, People Under The Stairs, FKJ, STATIK KXNG, Charlie Brown’s Field Goal, DāM-FunK, Moka Only, The Black Opera, SkyBlew & Scottie Royal, Wally Clark, Jordan Rakei, Black Milk, Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman, Tall Black Guy, Vaughn Octavia, I,Ced, Marvin Oron & Friends, Rodney P & DJ Die, MF Doom, Fredfades & Ivan Ave, Tittsworth, Leaders Of The New School, J Dilla, ScienZe, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content.


The Black Opera ft. Magestik Legend & Jamall Bufford –
All’s Well That Ends Well [Prod By. Kensaye]
(Protect The Code: The Creative Compilation)
Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Vertigo
[Prod By. DJ Spinna] (Lice) Stones Throw Records
Kendrick Lamar – I [Produced By. Rahki] (To Pimp A Butterfly)
People Under The Stairs – Alleys [Bada] (The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 1 – EP)

Tittsworth ft. Q-Tip, Theophilus London & Alison Carney – After The Dance
The Rebirth – Samurai (Being Thru the Eyes of a Child)
FKJ – Better Give U UP (French Kiwi Juice)
Columbia Nights ft. Vaughn Octavia – Glide
(In All Things) Record Breakin’ Music

Raphael Saadiq ft. D’Angelo – Be Here [Ruck P Remix]
Disclosure ft. Gregory Porter – Holding On [DāM-FunK Re-Freak]
3rykah Badu – Honey [Ruck P Remix]

Charlie Brown’s Field Goal (8th W1 + Fresh Daily) ft. Homeboy Sandman – BodyBag (Oh, It’s Lit) unreleased rap songs from 2007-2012
Murs & 9th Wonder – God Black / BlackGod (Brighter Daze)
Scorpz The Venom ft. Opio of Hieroglyphics – Reefer Sunshine
[Prod By. Chris Banks] (Palm Trees in the Sunset EP)
A-F-R-O aka All Flows Reach Out – Smooth Jazz
[Prod By. Pulse Reaction] (Modest World EP)

This Week’s Top 5 Countdown

  • 5. People Under The Stairs – The Love
    (The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 1 – EP) piecelock 70
  • 4. Tony Momrelle ft. Tony Remy – Different Street
    (Keep Pushing) Reel People Music
  • 3. KXNG Crooked & Statik Selektah ft. Jessica Quintero –
    Dead Or In Jail (STATIK KXNG)
  • 2. Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash ft. Mayer Hawthorne – Game Over
    (Cool Uncle)
  • 1. Rodney P & DJ Die ft. Indigo Kid – Holes In The Building
    Tru Thoughts Promo

BackIIBack Artist of the Week

Busta Rhymes (The Return Of The Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation)

We Home ft. Leaders Of The New School [Prod By. Black Milk]
In The Streets ft. MF Doom & BJ The Chicago Kid [Prod By. J Dilla]

Big L – Casualties Of A Dice Game [9th Wonder Remix]
(D.I.T.C. The Remix Project: Deluxe Edition)
Rashid Hadee ft. Donald Mayhem – Whatup (YIM 2015)
ScienZe ft. J’Von – Georgia State [Prod By. King I Devine]
Fredfades & Ivan Ave – Waters (Fruitful) Jakarta Records
Moka Only – Boots (Martian XMAS 2015)

Busta Rhymes ft. Mary J Blige – Your Loss
[Prod By. Chuckie Thompson & L.E.S.]
(The Return Of The Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation )

SkyBlew & Scottie Royal ft. Flovcut – Leonardo Theory!
(The Royal Blew Reverie)
Fredfades & Ivan Ave – Walking Home (Fruitful) Jakarta Records

Moka Only – Short Ribs (Martian XMAS 2015)
Marvin Oron & Friends – Smiles & Cries (Find My Way)
Wally Clark – Capricorn (Year of the Goat)

Jordan Rakei – The Light
The Milk – Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down [Tall Black Guy Remix]
(Stamp The Wax Advent Calender: in aid of Help Musicians)

I, Ced ft. Stopha Vasquez & AB – Love is the Conqueror (All In My Mind)
The Rebirth – Caterpillar (Being Thru the Eyes of a Child)

A Happy New Year. Enjoy.

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