Morpheus Soul Show – Mar 24, 2016

The Morpheus Soul Show: Uhuru (Mar 24th 16)

Cyclonious the Natural Disaster

On this edition (Show 42). We welcome East London Hip-Hop Artist Cyclonious live to The Morpheus Soul Show. The Soulful Solly Brown talks music and life with Cyclonious as well as featuring music from his latest five track album sampler alongside Steve “Tha 4orce” Ellington as they come together to form “Uhuru”. Cyclonious also performs a song from their latest offering live at Itch HQ. Also on this episode you will be listening to the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop music with Tall Black Guy, Black Milk, J-Zone, D.I.T.C, Werkha, Your Old Droog, Statik KXNG, Kendrick Lamar, 14KT, Terrace Martin, Si Phili, Open Mike Eagle & Paul White, Elzhi, Jaleel Shaw, Royce Da 5’9″, Aesop Rock, Dillon & Paten Locke, BJ The Chicago Kid, The Hue, Aesop Rock, DJ Hi-Tek, Average Rap Band, Donn T, Pete Rock and Phife Dawg R.I.P.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content.



Uhuru {Cyclonious & Tha 4orce} – Test (Five Track Album Sampler)
Si Phili – P-H-I-L-I. [Prod By. LeafDog] (The 11th Hour)
D.I.T.C. ft. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse and Diamond D – Rock Shyt
[Prod By. Supa Ugly] (DITC STUDIOS)
J-Zone – Go Back To Sellin’ Weed [7″ Single]

Action Bronson ft. Uncle Paulie – TKO [Prod By. Don Producci]
(The Program : 5 Year Anniversary Edition)
Statik Selektah & KXNG Crooked – Good Gone Bad (Statik KXNG)
Elzhi – Friendzone [Prod By. Oh No] (Lead Poison)

Black Milk – The Rebel
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White ft. Aesop Rock – I Went Outside Today
(Hella Personal Film Festival)
Royce Da 5’9″ – Which Is Cool [Prod By. Nottz]

Cyclonious & Chairman Maf ft. Tha 4orce – Constant Pivot
(Hostile Leadership)
Cyclonious – Body Rock (Montu Arts)

The Soulful Solly Brown welcomes our very special guest Cyclonious LIVE to the Itch studio talking life and music.

Cyclonious – Get Them Hands High (The Chosen)

Cyclonious breaks down his latest project Uhuru LIVE in the Itch studio.

Uhuru {Cyclonious & Tha 4orce} – Prestige Feeling
(Five Track Album Sampler)

The Soulful Solly Brown and Cyclonious the Natural Disaster converse s’more LIVE in the Itch FM studio.

Uhuru {Cyclonious & Tha 4orce} – African Wisdom
(Five Track Album Sampler)

Cyclonious performs “Expect The Unexpected” live in the Itch FM taken from the brilliant five track Uhuru album sampler which is available to download (Name your price) at uhurumusic.bandcamp.

Uhuru {Cyclonious & Tha 4orce} – Deeper Understanding
(Five Track Album Sampler)

BackIIBack Artist of the Week

Phife Dawg R.I.P.

(Ventilation: Da LP) 2000 Groove Attack Productions

Beats, Rhymes & Phife ft. Supa Dave West [Prod By. DJ Hi-Tek]
Melody Adonis [Prod By. Pete Rock]

This Week’s Top 5 Countdown

5. Werkha ft. Bryony Jarman-Pinto – City Shuffle

4. Terrace Martin ft. Kamasi Washington and Rose Gold
– Think Of You (Velvet Portraits)

3. BJ The Chicago Kid – Turnin’ Me Up (In My Mind)

2. Donn T – Last Breath [Questlove Remix]

1. Cecilia Stalin – Falling into deep [Prod By. Sam Champ] (The Love EP)

The Hue ft. Chris Daddy Dave & Derrick Hodge – Fiyah Flies
[Prod By. King Midas & E.Classic] (Aurora: Deluxe Version)
Average Rap Band – El Sol [Prod By. Mack Winters] (El Sol)
Dillon & Paten Locke ft. Lobsterdamus – After Hours (Food Chain)

Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 08 (09.06.2014) (Untitled Unmastered.)
Elzhi – The Healing Process [Prod By. Joself] (Lead Poison)
Your Old Droog – Dylan! [Prod By. Oh No]

Jaleel Shaw – Flight (Energy) featuring Dres of Black Sheep
Thurz ft. Tiffany Gouché – Waitin’ [14KT #DirtyDesignerRMX]

Tall Black Guy – The Heart Of The Town

Cyclonious ft. Raggo Zulu Rebel & Jayjayborn2sing – Magnatism (The Chosen)


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