The Morpheus Soul Show: Art Hurts (May 12th 16)

A Homage to Wes Felton.

It’s our Itch FM One Year Anniversary Special.

The Morpheus Soul Show has officially been Live on Itch FM Radio for one year.

So, we celebrate twelve months in our new home with a super special show for your ear lobes. The Morpheus Soul Show pays homage to
W. Ellington Felton aka Wes Felton, A singer/emcee/poet who was born and raised in Washington DC. Son of jazz pianist Hilton C. Felton and dad of Tobias.

Wes aka Dub Ell was the first artist to contribute a radio drop/jingle for our show way back in 2007 after we discovered the brilliant “Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now” album from 2006. On this week’s show we dropped a small selection of some of our favourite Wes tracks along with friends and musicians Wayna, Marshall Keys, K’Alyn, Raheem DeVaughn, Dre King, Kyle Murdock, JsouL, Zach Cutler, Roddy Rod, Pursuit Grooves, Nick Tha 1da, Priest Da Nomad, Emoni Fela, Amy Winehouse, Kaimbr, Grap Luva, Kev Brown, Ryan Barber, Chronkite, J. Sands, Bilal Salaam, Sy Smith, Uptown X.O, Eric Roberson & Prince Paul.

Plus; Today’s Morpheus Soul Top Five Countdown includes
three climbers and two brand new entries.

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy.
Parental Advisory Explicit Content.


The Morpheus Soul Show: Art Hurts (May 12th 16)

Wes Felton – All The Way: Live [Bandcamp Bonus Joint]
W. Ellington Felton ft. Chronkite & Sy Smith – 3 Sides
(Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
W. Ellington Felton – I Want You Like Her
(Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
Wes Felton w/Bilal Salaam – Go On and Get Down Girl (Handle With Care)

Wes Felton w/Marshall Keys – Yours Completely [Ryan Barber Re-work]
(Land of Sheep, Ran by Pigs, Ruled By Wolves)
W. Ellington Felton w/K’Alyn & Raheem DeVaughn – Last Letter Home
(The Angriest Love For Black Becky And Lady Liberty)
W. Ellington Felton ft. Zach Cutler – Little Girl (Selective Morality EP)

Prince Paul ft. W. Ellington Felton & K’Alyn – Beautifully Absurd
(Politics Of The Business)
W. Ellington Felton ft. Wayna – You Can (Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
Wes Wonder w/Bilal Salaam – Get By Again
[Prod By. Nick Tha 1da] (Heavy Mellow)
JsouL ft. Wes Felton – It’s That Love (Black Sinatra)

W. Ellington Felton ft. Eric Roberson – Postcards From The Edge
(Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
Eric Roberson ft. W. Ellington Felton – The Hunger (Music Fan First)

This Week’s Top 5 Countdown

5. Homeboy Sandman ft. Mystro – Keep It Real
[Prod By. Nin Vibe] (Kindness for Weakness)

4. Kaytranada ft. Phonte – One Too Many (99.9%)

3. Children Of Zeus – Still Standing

2. The Hue – Paper Weight (Aurora)

1. Tab-One & Sinopsis – Lace Up (Sincerely, Tab)

Wes Felton – In Other Words [Prod By. J. Sands] (Distraction City)
W. Ellington Felton – Go Outside
(The Black History Month Has Come and Gone Again)
Wes Felton w/Grap Luva & Chronkite – Unforgotten
[Prod By. Nick Tha 1da] (Distraction City)
W. Ellington Felton – The Dream (A Dub Supreme)

W. Ellington Felton – Funky Feeling (Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
Wes Felton – Love’s First Day at Work [Prod By. Kev Brown]
(The Last Temptation of Wes Felton)

W. Ellington Felton w/Amy Winehouse – Breathe A Bit [Remix]

W. Ellington Felton – Beer For My Miss (Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
Wes Felton – She Devil In The Garden [Prod By. Kev Brown]
(The Last Temptation of Wes Felton)

Wes Felton w/Kev Brown, Kaimbr, Priest Da Nomad & Bilal Salaam –
It’s Like That (Welcome To The D.C: A Tribute To Dilla)
Wes Felton ft. Emoni Fela – If You Only Knew
[Prod By. Roddy Rod] (Distraction City)
Wes Felton w/Uptown X.O. – Lost Track
[Prod By. Pursuit Grooves] (Black Is Once Again Black)

W. Ellington Felton – Dear 5 Years (The Wes Felton Files)
W. Ellington Felton – Whatcha Wanna Know?
(Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)
W. Ellington Felton – How Dare You (Outrospective – Me Then, Me Now)

Wes Felton – KEEPITRIGHTTHERE (The Last Temptation of Wes Felton)
Wes Felton – I’ve Seen w/Dre King
The Crossrhodes – Balance [Prod By. Kyle Murdock]



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