The Morpheus Soul Show ft. Profusion (June 22nd ’17)

The Morpheus Soul Show ft. Profusion (June 22nd ’17)

“Where Did They Begin?” On this edition of The Morpheus Soul Show show DJ Johnny Rebel & The Soulful Solly Brown welcome very special guests Emeson and K15 collectively known as Profusion to the Itch FM studio. Their brand new album “Where Do I Begin?” is available to purchase now on First Word Records and is available on vinyl and mp3.

We have BackIIBack music from our guests Profusion throughout including an incredible LIVE studio performance, plus; a DJ set from producer extraordinaire K15. This episode also features the Supa-Dope sounds of Saturn’s Children, JR & PH7 and St. Joe Louis, Oddisee, Blu, EVM128, Hanna, Deborah Jordan, Alexis Davis, Curren$y, Jay Worthy, Maurice Brown, Sonnyjim, Jehst, Must Volkoff, Scor-Zay-Zee, Pat Van Dyke, Da Flyy Hooligan, BB Boogie aka Daz-I-Kue, Sidewalk Chalk, Protoje, Greg Blackman and Omar. #GoodTimes

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content.


Profusion – Where Do I Begin? (Where Do I Begin?)
J. Mcfysian – For You [K15 Remix]
Emeson – Open [Bleep Rhapsody] [Karmasound Remix]
(Bespoke ‘Alterations’ – REMIX EP)
Profusion – Starz (Where Do I Begin?)

The Soulful Solly Brown introduces Profusion to The Morpheus Soul Show.

Profusion – Amazing (Where Do I Begin?)

The Soulful Solly Brown speaks with K15, one half of Profusion.

Profusion – Time’s Up (Where Do I Begin?)

Emeson speaks with The Soulful Solly Brown.

Profusion – A Long Walk (Where Do I Begin?)

More talk from Profusion and The Soulful Solly Brown.

Omar – Dancing [K15 Remix]
Saturn’s Children – From The Heart [K15 Remix] (Magnetic Love Ep RMXED)

This Week’s Top 5 Countdown

5. Omar ft. Maurice Brown – Brainstorm (Gave My Heart EP)

4. Sidewalk Chalk – How (An Orchid Is Born)

3. BB Boogie ft. Greg Blackman – Opposition (Standing On The Wall)

2. Profusion – Flying (Where Do I Begin?)

1. Profusion – Messages (Where Do I Begin?)

As we cut this week’s number one short, only for our very special guests Profusion (Emeson & K15) to perform “Messages” live in the Itch FM studio alongside even more incredible live versions of “Where Do I Begin?” and “Golden”.

K15 takes control for the final twenty minutes with a dope mix to end this fantastic live edition of the show.


Exclusive K15 Mix

Protoje – Blxxd Money
Pat Van Dyke – Frequency (Technicolor HI – FI)
JR & PH7 and St. Joe Louis ft. Roc Marciano – Driven (Coral Cadavers)
Oddisee – Slow Groove (Alwasta)
Blu [K15 Remix]
EVM128 – Twisted (Afroforce Remix)
Hanna – Wayfaring Man (Bounce EP)

[DJ Johnny Rebel’s Pod-Cast Bonus Joints]

Emeson ft. Artcha, DrayDelta & SKANDOUZ – Lenton [FRESHerz Re-Fix]
Jehst – Eulogy (Billy Green is Dead)
Must Volkoff ft. Sonnyjim – Psychedelic Purple (Aquanaut)
Scor-Zay-Zee – Illa Sigmund (Illa Scorz)

Da Flyy Hooligan – Maserati Dreamin (Fucc ya Life Praise Mine)
Jay Worthy ft. Rugotti – Rising Sun
[Prod By. The Alchemist] (Fantasy Island)
Curren$y – Get Down [Prod By. Ski Beatz] (Pilot Talk III)
Alexis Davis – Take It There [K15 Remix] (The Other Numbers)

Deborah Jordan – Love From The Sun [K15 Remix] (Collected Remixes)
Deborah Jordan – Observe [Prod By. K15] (What You See)

Emeson – The Key (extraSolar)
Emeson – Suddenly Seems (Equilibrium)

Profusion – Aida (Where Do I Begin?)

Peace, Love and Music.

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Djiabouras.
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